SetupDmarc vous accompagne dans la mise en place du Protocole DMARC


We check the existing and analyze your structure to accompany you at best during the next step.

  • Acculturation: We learn more about your business and your email habits.
  • Implementation: We set up the DMARC record that we provide you in your DNS zone.
  • Analysis: During one month, we analyze the reports, in order to make a restitution during a meeting.


We set up the DMARC Protocol for you using information that only you have.

  • Bounding: We define together the perimeter of the sources you wish to authorize.
  • Tagging: Set up SPF and DKIM signatures..
  • SPAM box: Set up quarantine for unauthorized emails.
  • Blocking: Set up the rejection of unauthorized e-mails, your e-mail addresses can no longer be spoofed.


You have a platform that informs you daily about the security of your domain names.

  • Consultation: Our platform allows you to keep an eye on DMARC reports.
  • Correction: We remain available to help you evolve the structure of your security.
  • Control: You stay in control and informed with notifications.

The sending and receiving of your emails are never interrupted

A contact person is dedicated to you, he will accompany you for all the technical setups

We never have access to the addresses or content of of e-mails

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